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Entrainment Louvres

Louvres are used to remove droplets of juice or liquor from vapour produced in evaporators and vacuum pans, and to collect dust from air exiting sugar dryers.

LSEA ITM, LSEA IITM and LSEA 110TM are louvres designed by ALL METAL SOLUTIONS (ROLLPRESS-WRIGHTS). These louvres are modifications of the standard “Cattle Creek” (CCK) louvre design.

In 1997, SRI was commissioned by ALL METAL SOLUTIONS (ROLLPRESS-WRIGHTS) to conduct a test program on LSEA ITM, LSEA IITM , LSEA 110TM and a range of other louvres including POLYBAFFLE louvres, CCK louvres, wave plate eliminators and inverted channel maze separators.

The pressure drop (P) and the limiting face velocity (VLF) were selected as indicators of louvre performance.

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