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All Metal Laser, a premier division of All Metal Solutions, where precision meets excellence in laser cutting services throughout Australia.

About All Metal Laser

At All Metal Laser, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier laser cutting services. Specialising in working with stainless steel, brass, and aluminium, our skilled team crafts solutions that precisely match your requirements, from intricate designs to large-scale projects.

Our fully equipped workshop features state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to seamlessly handle both one-off tasks and volume-based projects. We don’t just cut metal; we craft solutions that guarantee precision and perfect results for our clients.

From Scalen Brake Presses for precise pressing to CNC Plasma Cutting for large plates, our machinery reflects our commitment to excellence. Your metal processing needs are not just met; they are exceeded when you choose All Metal Laser.

Equipped with 8kw, 10kw, 12kw, and 30kw Eagle Lasers, our team handles projects of all sizes, with a maximum bed size of 6000mm x 2500mm. Our expertise shines in accurate cutting up to 0.1mm – precision isn’t a promise; it’s our commitment.

We serve as the bridge between raw steel and your creative visions, utilising cutting-edge fibre laser technology for faster, cleaner, and more efficient results. Our advanced fibre laser cutter offers lower energy consumption and minimal maintenance, translating to seamless and cost-effective solutions for your metal cutting needs.

Your deadlines are our priority. Our machines operate round the clock, ensuring your projects are completed on time, every time. Count on All Metal Laser for reliability, precision, and a commitment to excellence in every cut.

Laser details:

8kw, 10kw, 12kw & 30kw Eagle Lasers
6000mm x 2500mm Bed

We can cut thicknesses up to:

Mild Steel – 60mm
Brass – 20mm
Aluminium – 40mm
Copper – 20mm
Stainless Steel – 80mm

We also provide the following services:

Plasma & Oxy Cutting
Plate & Section Rolling

All Metal Solutions 30kw laser cutter
All Metal Solutions 30kw laser cutter

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